Six reasons why macramé jewelry makes a better gift

What is Macramé?

Macramé is an art form where strings are woven and tied in creative and exotic patterns. It makes striking and unique pieces of jewelry that stand out and grab attention, macramé makes the perfect gift!

1. She’s Special. Her Jewelry should be too

By choosing the more unusual gift of Macramé jewelry, you’re showing that you spent the looking for something special. You’re letting her know you’ve spent the time finding her something unique, because she deserves something different.

2. Stand out

Gold and silver are very common. Chances are, she already has lots of gold and silver jewelry already. Macramé is sure to attract the attention and compliments of anyone who sees it.

3. Be the change

Gold and silver metals are often not ethically sourced. Giving the gift of macramé means knowing you’ve helped support artists by paying them well for their creativity and time.

4. Value in every knot

Gold and silver are arbitrarily valued based on a constantly changing exchange rate. Macreme jewelry is valued by the time and effort put into creating it. The energy invested into every piece is what what transforms it into a work of art.

5. Don’t break the bank

Let’s face it. A piece of gold or silver jewelry is typically very expensive. Macreme jewelry is intricate and beautiful while still being far more affordable.

6. Love it or Leave it

We understand buying products online may not be easy... So, let us help you out! We have a 30 day “Love it or leave it “policy. If you aren’t fully satisfied within 30 days of purchasing your jewelry, you are eligible for a refund, exchange or store credit.

The power of gems

Gemstones have been used in jewelry since ancient times, and were regarded by many civilizations for their miraculous and mysterious powers. More colorful, more diverse, and more unique than more conventional jewelry, Macramé jewelry frequently features gemstones that are woven into each piece.

About Us

We are a family business based out of Ohio and partner with artists in India whose passion is macrame. We believe in fair pay, every purchase you make helps support them.