Lavender drops
Lavender drops
Lavender drops
Lavender drops

Lavender drops

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Beautifully hand knotted violet thread with brass beads. 

Violet is the color of imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is a reflective color, which allows us to get in touch with our more profound thoughts.
Violet contains the energy and strength of red color and the spirituality and integrity of blue. It combines body and mind and creates a balance between our physical and mental energy. Helps people who are looking for the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment. 

Length: 9 inches. Adjustable!!
Please keep in mind that all of our jewelry is handmade and individually unique therefore no two pieces will look the same. Slight variations (Like stone size and slight coloring) should be expected.

About Us

We are a family business based out of Ohio and partner with artists in India whose passion is macrame. We believe in fair pay, every purchase you make helps support them.

Macrame is a technique of knotting cords that produces a rough lace-like fabric. Believed to be Arabic in origin. The basic knots are the half hitch, full hitch, square knot, and double half hitch.

Love it or Leave it

We understand buying products online may not be easy... So, let us help you out! We have a 30 day “Love it or leave it “policy. If you aren’t fully satisfied within 30 days of purchasing your jewelry, you are eligible for a refund, exchange or store credit.


Gemstones have attracted humankind since ancient times, and have long been used for jewelry. In addition to jewelry, gems were regarded by many civilizations as miraculous and endowed with mysterious powers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Long Does Shipping Take?
    Due to the fact that all our products are handmade with extreme detail, Processing time is 3-5 business days. Shipping time is 2-4 days.
  • Do I Have Warranty?
    All jewelry products are covered by 6 months warranty covering manufacturing defects after the buyer received the product. Stretching the jewelry is not considered a manufacturing defect. General wear and tear misuse and tarnishing are not covered under the warranty.
  • Where are the Product Made?
    Macrame's home is India and we have partnered with a family in india who has been doing macrame for over 30 years. We believe in fair pay, every purchase helps support native indian artists.
  • How do I Care For My Jewelry?
    While there is nothing too special you need to do to keep your natural spirit carrier crystal healing jewelry beautiful you may like to consider the following: 1- We advise not to wear your gemstone/crystal amulet when sleeping as some of the more delicate elements may break. If you want to benefit from the Crystal energy also while sleeping place the amulet next to your bed/pillow as this way your aura’s are still in contact. 2- The micro macramé cord is UV safe so you can happily wear your gemstone/Crystal macramé Jewelry in sunlight. However do note That some crystals such as Amethyst are sensitive to sunlight and can fade, so just be aware if you live in a sunny environment. 3- Take care when leaning down or over something so that your gemstone/crystal jewelry does not hit or slam against something hard, as the crystal may chip.
  • Is It Waterproof?
    All of our string products are coated in wax, which means they’re 100% waterproof! Go surf, snowboard, or even take a shower with them on! Wearing your jewelry every day only enhances their natural look and feel. Just a heads up: pieces with charms and beads on them may tarnish when they come in contact with water. We always recommend removing any jewelry with silver or gold plated brass on them before getting them wet. This will help to maintain their color and shine!
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